A message about Coronavirus in Massachusetts

Posted On: 03/16/2020

We at Knight’s Airport Limousine are concerned about the health and well being of our passengers, especially through these trying times. We have always made it point to provide safe and clean vehicles throughout Worcester, Boston, and more, but we’ll be taking additional steps to provide the highest level of protection possible.

We are all worried about COVID-19 (more commonly known as Coronavirus), especially when it comes to transportation today. But we want you to know that when you’re ready to travel again, you can trust Knight’s Airport Limousine to provide the best quality service.

Our service has always worked hard to offer clean interiors, but all our vehicles will now undergo a thorough cleaning with bleach-base disinfectant wipes after every ride and all company working areas will be disinfected daily. We do this for both the safety of our passengers and our staff.

We’ve also asked our drivers to make changes in some regular services. This includes removal of all printed materials from the seat-back pockets and the cessation of candy, mints, water or beverage offerings that are not individually packed or sealed, unless requested. We also are limiting of all physical material sharing between passengers and drivers whenever possible.

We appreciate your understanding at this difficult time and we want you to know that we are dedicated to continuing to provide your with the highest level of service to Logan Airport in future. We wish you the best of health and look forward to providing you with the best transportation in Worcester and Boston again.